Every homeowner should do a quick inspection of their house at the change of each season, especially in the spring. The winter season brings out a lot of issues for your house. A good example of this one is your roof. With the sharp decrease in temperature and snowfall, your roof went through a lot during the winter. That’s why it’s wise to conduct a roof inspection each spring. However, it feels like a waste to call in the roof guys at the slightest hint of trouble. We get it. We have houses, too. Besides, Above All Roofing wants every homeowner to be well-informed about the status of their roof. We don’t like wasting your time either. We want you to know the things you need to look out for so you know when to really call the roof guys. So here’s a couple of dead giveaways for you:

What To Look Out For In A Roof Inspection?

If none of these are present, then you survived winter without having to pay for house maintenance costs. However, if you’ve spotted any of these signs, seek professional help as soon as necessary.


Expect more trouble to come if the shingles on your roof are missing, cracked, torn, bald, or worn out. Compromised shingles mean that your roof is exposed to rain, sleet, hail, snow, and piercing sun. No doubt the elements will penetrate through the attic where it would cause double trouble. Just assess the damage and figure out how long you can go without professional intervention. One missing roof shingle isn’t a dire issue. More than five? Call the roof repair team.

Moisture and Rot

Check the spot where the damaged/missing shingles are. Are there any moisture or rots? How about the corners and concaves? If there are any “water reservoirs” on your roof, prepare for water-related damage.


With water comes a greater concern: mold on your roof. If you have mold on your roof, you need to contact the roof repair team as soon as you can. These things crawl and creep up fast. You’re not just facing expensive repair bills. You’re facing health problems and roof replacement. Consider that.

Gutter Issues

If your gutter is worn out or damaged, you need to take care of it as soon as you can. Call the gutter guys.

Poor Attic Condition

If there are problems in your attic like sagging, water damage, dark streaks, piercing lights, your roof needs either repair or replacement as soon as possible.

Animal Infestation

If there’s just the smallest hole a rat can enter on your roof, no doubt it’ll settle down there. The attic is the perfect place for them. It’s dark, sheltered, and possibly damp from your other roof problems. You seldom go there.