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All About Roofing in San Jose, CA is your trusted choice for a wide range of different roofing services. Tracking down a reliable roofing contractor can be quite a daunting task – especially if it’s your first time seeking help with your roof. Thankfully, All About Roofing simplifies this process with free quotes, plenty of information, and targeted advice based on your unique concerns. With affordable rates and plenty of flexibility, we offer roofing services for any budget. We handle a wide range of roofing jobs, including:
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Why Choose Our Roofers in San Jose?

At All About Roofing, we’re all about teamwork. We work with committed, professional roofers who bring years of expertise and training to the table. 

Even better, we protect our roofers with rock-solid safety policies and regular training. While other companies might rush and cut corners, we finish jobs carefully and safely. The end result? More reliable roofing services provided by valued, professional workers. 

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Roof Replacement

Replacing your roof is one of the most daunting jobs for any homeowner – which makes choosing the right roofing company absolutely critical. 

Remember that replacing your roof can actually save you money in the long-term. A new roof could protect your home from leaks, lower your insurance premiums, and raise your home’s sale price. 

If you’re thinking about replacing your roof at some time in the future, why not take advantage of a free quote from All About Roofing? We’ll provide you with plenty of information – including:

  • Projected costs
  • Timelines
  • Recommended roofing materials

After you receive your free quote, you can decide for yourself how you’d like to proceed with your new roofing contractor in San Jose, CA.

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Roof Inspection

If you’re not quite sure about the quality of a roof, you’ll need to call in the experts at All About Roofing. We’ll inspect the roof and use decades of experience to provide you with as much information as possible. With this wealth of information at your fingertips, it’s easier to determine your next steps.

Roof inspections aren’t just for homeowners. Home buyers might want to conduct an inspection before making an offer – and home sellers often carry out inspections before listing their properties. We understand the unique demands of the real estate world – and our services help streamline transactions.

We use modern, sophisticated tools to inspect homes and gather important data. We then compile and present this data in detailed, easy-to-read reports. We’ll guide you through every piece of data, make recommendations for future services, and provide a range of options to address pressing issues. Inspecting a roof might be a solid choice in a number of different situations:


  • After a storm
  • Buying a home
  • Selling a home
  • After issues emerge
  • After the warranty expires
  • After the roof reaches the end of its life
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Roof Installation

Installing new shingles and other roofing materials might seem like a complex job, but this process is smooth and seamless when you work with All About Roofing. When you choose us for roofing in San Jose, CA, you get access to the latest and most advanced roofing technology. We constantly stay up-to-date on the newest roofing trends – giving you an advanced roof that outshines and outperforms your neighbors. 

When it comes to sourcing the best roofing materials, we work with only the best suppliers and manufacturers. Skilled roofers are only one part of the overall equation. You also need shingles, tiles, and other materials that stand the test of time. By combining high-quality roofing materials and skilled workers, you get a truly durable and functional roof. 

Of course, it’s not all about performance. You also need a roof that looks amazing – and All About Roofing gives you jaw-dropping curb appeal. We believe that every homeowner should have a beautiful roof, and our affordable services provide aesthetically-pleasing results for all San Jose residents. Visually pleasing roofs help homeowners boost the value of their real estate – making it easier to sell at a profit.

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How Can I Find the Best Roof Repair Near Me?

When you have a faulty roof, you need to find a reliable roofing company as soon as possible. There’s only one problem: You’re not a roofing expert – and you have no idea how to assess the quality of companies in your area. This is a common issue for many homeowners – especially when they need urgent repairs after an unexpected issue, such as a storm. The clock is ticking – so how do you find the best roofing company near you?

Consider Experience Levels

Perhaps the most important consideration when choosing a roofing company is experience. If a company has been providing services for many decades, it’s a great sign. Why? Because after spending so long serving their community, the company will have likely completed numerous projects. This means that they understand the unique demands of the San Jose area – including weather patterns, customer preferences, building trends, and so on. Greater experience means they’ve seen it all – and they can handle even the most unexpected issues.

Consider Training and Qualifications

Don’t be afraid to ask about the training and qualifications of a company’s roofers. You might want to work with a company that hires roofers who have graduated from trade school. Some of the most experienced roofers have numerous certifications. You might also want to consider whether the roofers have specialized safety training, and whether the company requires them to continuously update their skills based on the newest safety regulations.

Check Out Online Reviews

Checking out online reviews is a total no-brainer. If trusting the company’s marketing content or blog articles seems a little unreliable, you can always scroll through Google reviews to find out what real people are saying about the company. It’s always a great sign when you see a roofing company with excellent online reviews.

Take Advantage of Free Quotes

Why not take advantage of a company’s free quotes? Not only does this give you a chance to shop around and compare prices, but it also gives you an opportunity to meet the team face-to-face and gauge their customer service skills.

Ask for Photos of Previous Work

Many companies – including All About Roofing – also provide photos of their past jobs. You can check out these photos to get a sense of what your roof will look like when it’s finished. All About Roofing even posts videos of their finished roofs as well – giving you a virtual tour of their results.

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All About Roofing: A Roofing Company in San Jose You Can Trust

If you’re ready to work with a roofing company you can trust, reach out to All About Roofing today. Get the ball rolling with a free quote and start working with San Jose’s premier roofers absolutely risk-free. 



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