Weatherproofing your roof is a smart choice. According to one study, one-third of all homes in California face at least some wind risk over the next 30 years. In 2023, California saw record-breaking storms that brought 32 trillion gallons of water in just three weeks. Homeowners are taking weatherproof roof services more seriously – and for good reason. Investing in your roof is one of the smartest decisions you can make as a homeowner, and there are many options for roofing maintenance near me.

Weatherproofing Options When Installing a New Roof

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If you’re in the process of installing a new roof, there are many steps you can take to push your weatherproofing to a new level. The first priority is to consider how water might make its way into your home. Numerous studies have confirmed that this is an extremely common root cause of home damage, and there are many ways in which you can waterproof a roof. An obvious choice is to opt for waterproof, peel-and-stick underlay instead of traditional tar paper. This waterproof adhesive eliminates the need for nails – and water can easily get into your home through the tiny holes left by these nails.

You should also think about the shape and angle of your roof before you get started on installing it. Studies have confirmed that optimal wind resistance is offered by roofs with 30-degree angles. Here’s another general rule you should know: The more slopes you have, the better your wind resistance will be. A two-sloped gable roof offers poor wind resistance, while a four-sloped “hip roof” will perform much better under high winds. For even better wind resistance, consider a hexagonal or octagonal roof. These types of roofs were common on older Victorian houses – and you can see many of them if you visit the Old Towne Historic District in the City of Orange.

It’s also important to choose roof tiles that are suited to California’s unique climate. Generally speaking, metal roofing represents an exceptional choice if weatherproofing is a top priority. Although metal roofing is a little more expensive than some of the other options, it is inherently waterproof and reduces the need for additional underlays. Metal roofs offer solid fire protection – a key concern with rising forest fire risks in California. In addition, metal roofing performs very well under heavy winds – while other tiles might simply blow away. Finally, metal roofing is extremely lightweight – which means that you don’t need to worry as much about reinforcing your roof to handle the weight of heavier tiles.

Weatherproofing Options When Maintaining an Existing Roof


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If you already have a roof and you’re considering weather-resistant roofing upgrades, there are a number of maintenance steps you can take. You might want to take a look at your attic insulation first and foremost. Problematic insulation can cause your attic to leak air, making it difficult to keep your home warm during the colder months. Roofing professionals can use specialized equipment to detect even the smallest air leaks – helping you determine whether you need to upgrade your insulation.

Another option is to add water repellent directly to your roof. While this might not be as effective as changing the roof, it gives your roof a layer of waterproof coating that can limit water ingress going forward. That being said, this should only be seen as a temporary measure. A more efficient form of roof maintenance would be to replace broken or missing tiles. Some homeowners choose to replace all of their tiles with more advanced, modern tiles that feature better weatherproofing performance.

Weatherproofing Options You Can Do Yourself

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If you’re more of a DIY homeowner, there are a number of steps you can take to make your roof more weatherproof without hiring professionals. One obvious choice is to trim the trees surrounding your residence. By keeping branches away from your roof, you can prevent potential damage in the event of a storm. This step also helps keep your roof clear of debris and leaves.

Speaking of leaves, many homeowners choose to install gutter guards to keep leaves out of their gutters. Gutters are quite crucial when it comes to water management, and even a few leaves can clog them. Installing gutter guards is relatively easy and affordable, but you should always remember to be careful when using ladders.

Get Advice from Roofing Professionals

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If you need help choosing weatherproof roof services, consider getting advice from roofing experts in your area. During an inspection or a free quote, these roofers consider your unique needs and recommend the most appropriate options for weatherproof roofing maintenance. Why not call All About Roofing for more guidance on this important subject? We offer free quotes, so there is no risk involved. Simply call us, and let us tell you more about weatherproofing options in Orange.

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