Did you know that almost half of all building issues are caused by water intrusion? According to Architect Magazine, water almost always intrudes through the roof. In addition, storm damage leads to one-third of all roof replacements. These statistics illustrate the importance of weatherproof roof services – but how exactly do you weatherproof a roof? Consider these top five options for roofing maintenance near me– and ensure your roof can stand up to the furies of Mother Nature.

1. Waterproof Underlayment Installed by San Jose Roofing Experts

trusted Roofing Maintenance San joseUnderlayment is one of the most frequently recommended upgrades for roof weatherproofing. The most common type of underlayment is tar paper. It’s cheap, easy to install, and quite effective – but it’s nowhere near as reliable as waterproof underlayment. This enhanced, peel-and-stick option features advanced adhesive for a tight, impermeable water seal. Adhesive eliminates the need for nails – creating fewer potential points of failure and water ingress. Waterproof underlayment also offers greater wind resistance and longer-lasting durability. Sure – it’s more expensive than tar paper. But if you’re going to install a new roof anyway, you might as well choose this option for extremely reliable weatherproofing.

2. Upgrade Insulation During San Jose Roofing Maintenance

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Another option is to upgrade your insulation. Although you might assume that insulation only protects against cold weather, it also helps regulate temperatures in your home all year round. If your insulation is failing, you might find it difficult to cool your home during the warmer months. Even though your A/C might be running at full blast, that cool air could be escaping through your attic faster than you can replace it. That being said, insulation is especially important during the colder months. During a routine roof inspection, your local roofing experts in San Jose can use specialized technology to check for air leaks in your attic.

3. Gutter Guards Represent an Easy Weatherproofing

best weather-resistant roofing in San Jose CAIf you’re searching for an easy, relatively affordable weatherproofing upgrade, consider gutter guards. These are simple mesh components placed over top of your gutters, and they help keep your gutters clear of debris. With gutter guards, leaves and other debris stay out of your gutters – reducing clogging and ensuring optimal water flow. With highly functional gutters during the wetter months, you can keep your roof free from pooling water. This might be an especially important upgrade if you live near deciduous trees that shed leaves during fall and winter. Installing gutter guards is so easy that many homeowners do it themselves.

4. Shape Matters for Weather-Resistant Roofing in San Jose, CA

Look for the best weather-resistant roofing in San Jose CAIf you’re in the process of installing a brand new roof, you might want to think carefully about the shape to optimize weatherproofing viability. According to Science Daily, hip roofs perform better against wind forces than gable roofs. For those who don’t know, a “hip roof” has four different slopes. You can also think of this as a four-sided pyramid. If you want to give your roof the best chance of surviving a major storm, you might also want to stay away from gable roofs. These are roofs with just two slopes. You can get an idea of what a gable roof looks like by making a simple roof shape with your hands. The more sides you add to your roof, the better its wind performance becomes. For ultimate storm resistance, consider octagonal or hexagonal shapes. You can see examples of these types of roofs at the Winchester Mystery House in San Jose. Studies also indicate that roofs with 30-degree angles hold up the best in the event of serious storms.

5. Insurance: The Not-So-Obvious Weatherproofing Option

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Sometimes, the most effective weatherproofing option is to simply get a solid home insurance plan. In many cases, storm damage is all but inevitable. With a comprehensive insurance policy that covers a wide range of weather-related damage, you can replace or repair your roof without incurring serious costs. Note that a typical home insurance policy might not cover certain types of damage, such as flooding or water leakage. Speak with your insurer and make sure that you know exactly what your policy covers. With a solid policy in place, you can work with the most experienced and qualified roofers in your area to address any weather damage throughout the year.

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your san jose roofing expertsIf you’d like to discuss options for weatherproof roof services, consider reaching out to qualified, professional roofers in San Jose. These licensed, qualified tradespeople understand the weather-related issues that homeowners in California face each season. Whether you need to replace your entire roof or engage in some basic roof maintenance, a team of experienced roofers can help you determine the most appropriate action plan. Reach out to All About Roofing today to start weatherproofing your roof with confidence.

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