Leaky roof – these are probably the two most dreaded words in the vocabulary of every property owner. Water is indeed a most insidious foe, too eager to penetrate your home’s roof. And once inside, the destruction and damage might be taking place far from the point of initial attack, which makes the primary source of the leak too difficult to identify. Thus, quick roof repair is crucial.

How to Find Roof Leaks

Missing Shingles – If you find shingles lying around in your yard, chances are the next rainstorm will send water into your house.

Holes – A hole in your roof can be caused by storm damage or damage by animals like raccoons and squirrels. Often, roof holes can become sneaky, existing for years until a roof inspection uncovers them. Tiny holes may be caused by misplaced roofing nails or by a former antenna mounting bracket.

Clogged Gutters – When your gutters are full of junk, it allows water to travel away from your foundation and rood. Impeded water can be an invitation for trouble.

Skylights – Leaks may sprout down the sides of skylights that are poorly fitted. The rubber seal around the glass may dry out and wear out as well, thus destroying the water barrier. So you must always check for cracks on the sides and top of the skylight. Most importantly, make sure that the skylights were properly installed.

Preventing and Addressing Roof Leaks

Vigilance and fast action make up your best defense. Even a small drip in a house that seems like nothing more than an inconvenience can become a costly repair later on. Remember that roof leaks can damage interior walls and ceilings, ruin insulation, become a breeding ground for bacteria and mold, and rot the wooden framing. So as soon as you notice leaks in your roof, make sure to repair it quickly.

For an effective repair of the leaky roof in your property, it is crucial for you to know the causes of the leaks first. Also, prepare before trying any roof leaking repairs. For instance, know what materials to use and steps to take. Be equipped to spot roof leaks and apply cost-effective repairs.

Remember, though, that without proper leak investigation, repairs can be ineffective and further damage can be done to your home’s interior. Thus, it is a wise investment to let a roof leak repair expert fix the problem. Hiring their services will guarantee that all causes of roof leaks will be identified and professionally addressed. You will have peace of mind knowing that a reputable roofing contractor is dealing with the roof leaks.